Chewie Dog Toothbrush
Chewie Dog Toothbrush
Chewie Dog Toothbrush

Chewie Dog Toothbrush

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Did you know?

2/3 of Dogs over the age of 3 have an oral disease. Periodontitis, which turn into gingivitis when left untreated can cause tooth loss and worst can lead to life-threatening disease.

Prevention is better than cure! Introducing our new Brushing Toothbrush for Dogs! Avoid the trouble of losing the tooth of your beloved dog and you'll always see the big smile in their face!



⚫ Natural Rubber with Meat Flavour.
⚫ Gentle for Dog's teeth.
⚫ Highly Durable.
⚫ Designed and Specially Developed in the US.
⚫ Fully Complies with the US Child Toy Safety Standard.


How To Use:

  1. First, let your dog adapt to biting the brush for several uses, before adding toothpaste into the top reservoir. Do not add toothpaste onto the bristles, because they may just lick it off.
  2. Some dogs may need extra help than orders to start brushing, but once they do its effects will start working.
  3. Once your dog begins chewing, be sure to reward them so they understand chewing on it is good.
  4. In no time their gum health and teeth will be in excellent shape! 




 1x Dog Toothbrush